Wepon Bearing, Inc. is a big bearing manufacturer as well as distributor in the U.S and world. It is our duty and core goal to try and achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. With warehouse as large as 40,000 ft, we are willing to provide our customer with a deep understanding of how we operate. This service allows our clients and dealers to contact our warehouse and verify our bearing inventory. This means they can directly manage their own orders accordingly because they can keep track Wepon inventory at any time. Our service can in turn save time, cut cost, as well as allow our clients to timely react to their own customer’s needs. All of which proved to be valuable attributes to both domestic and foreign clients. To ensure our products outstanding quality, all of them are made using the most advanced technology and design. The majority of our products is distributed through retailers, wholesalers ,and other manufacturers. Our experienced customer service personnel have the ability to offer valuable technological support and application solutions both pre-sale and after-sale.

We are confident that we can help to take your career to the next level by becoming your perfect business partner. Wepon sincerely welcomes you to approach and discuss with us new ways to cooperate.